Beetronics Launches the Whoctahell Fuzz/Octave Pedal

Beetronics Whoctahell Fuzz/Octave PedalBeetronics has launched its first handmade effects pedal line including the WhoctaHell, a low-octave fuzz with independent controls for each effect.

“Its overdrive/fuzz is summed up with a gnarly, squared-wave low octave, resembling an 8-bit bass synthesizer,” the company writes. “Its octave has a range of one or two low octaves, selectable by a toggle switch and also has it’s own separate bypass switch.”

The fuzz and octave sections work independently and can be used as such or together. Controls include a Hell knob for the overdrive/fuzz tone, a Whocta knob for the octave tone, an octave selector switch, and a master volume knob.

As part of the Beetronics line, it also features handmade circuitry, handmade finishes, custom shaped PCB designs, and true bypass switching. Custom orders with different circuits, knobs, jewl lens colors, striping and more are avaialble. The Beetronics Whoctahell is available now at $230 for the standard series or $280 for customized pedals.

Beetronics Whoctahell Pedal Details:

Independent fuzz and octave controls
Master volume
1 or 2-octave down switch
Handmade circuitry
Distinguished handmade finishes, adding a unique character to each pedal
Custom shaped PCB designs, giving it a great look inside and out
True bypass switching

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