Of Montreal Releases “Innocence Reaches”

Of Montreal: Innocence ReachesThe Kevin Barnes-fronted rock band Of Montreal has released its 14th studio album, Innocence Reaches.

Davey Pierce (Yip Deceiver) handles bass, as he has for most of the past nine years (he didn’t play with the band in 2014).

Long influenced by legendary rock bands like The Beatles and The Beach Boys, Of Montreal decided to add some more modern EDM sounds to the mix this time out.

One of the results is “it’s different for girls”:

Innocence Reaches is available on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Innocence Reaches Track List:

  1. let’s relate
  2. it’s different for girls
  3. gratuitous abysses
  4. my fair lady
  5. les chants de maldoror
  6. a sport and a pastime
  7. ambassador bridge
  8. def pacts
  9. chaos arpeggiating
  10. nursing slopes
  11. trashed exes
  12. chap pilot

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