Bass Gear Roundup: The Top Gear Stories in August 2016

Another month ends, and another begins. So that means it is time to look back at the most popular bass gear stories on No Treble for the month of August.

Here are the top 10 reader favorites for the month.

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Tech 21 Unveils SansAmp Bass Driver DI Version 2

1. Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI Version 2

Tech 21 has announced a new version of their flagship SansAmp Bass Driver DI. The Version 2 model retains all of the functionality of the original while adding features to better suit modern players…

Fender Updates Deluxe Series Basses

2. Fender Updated Deluxe Series Basses

Fender has revamped their Deluxe series of instruments into a more cohesive lineup with a shared set of upgrades. The series includes new versions of the Deluxe Active Precision Bass Special, the Deluxe Active Jazz Bass, and the Deluxe Active Dimension Bass…

NS Design Unveils NXTa Active Series Omni Bass and Double Bass Models

3. NS Design NXTa Active Series Omni Bass and Double Bass Models

NS Design has teamed up with Mi-Si Electronics Design to introduce the NXTa Active series of instruments, including versions of the company’s Omni Bass and Double Bass models. Central to the new series is the introduction of battery-free, high-performance active electronics…

Fender Introduces 800-Watt Bassman Head

4. Fender 800-Watt Bassman Head

Fender’s Bassman series of bass amplifiers has gotten bigger with the introduction of the Bassman 800 Head. The 800-watt, dual channel amp features a hybrid design with a tube preamp matched to a Class D power section…

Eastwood To Revive Teisco Spectrum 5 Bass

5. Eastwood Teisco Spectrum 5 Bass

Eastwoodâ??s Custom Shop is reviving another classic instrument with their new model called the Spectrum 5 Bass. Based on the Teisco Spectrum 5, the bass version is a four-string that will feature a precision German carved top in the spirit of the original…

Kala Revamps California Series U-Basses for 2016

6. Kala 2016 California Series U-Basses

Kala has revamped their California U-Bass series for 2016. The mini-scale, solid-body instruments will have reshaped necks and bodies, plus new placement for the fret markers on the fingerboard…

Bergantino Audio Systems Announces the HG310 “Holo-Graphic” Loudspeaker

7. Bergantino Audio Systems HG310 “Holo-Graphic” Loudspeaker

Bergantino Audio Systems has announced the HG310 “Holo-Graphic” loudspeaker. The forward-thinking cabinet, which features three ten-inch neodymium magnet woofers and a tweeter, is designed to create a 360-degree sonic experience…

Mitchell Electric Guitars Launches Bass Lineup

8. Mitchell Electric Guitars Bass Lineup

Mitchell Electric Guitars has debuted a new line of electric guitars and basses, including four bass models over three series: the FB Series, the TB Series, and the MB Series. The company calls the FB line their flagship model while the TB and MB basses are configured more traditionally…

Q-Tuner Unveils Transparent Q2.0 Pickups

9. Q-Tuner Transparent Q2.0 Pickups

Q-Tuner has announced a small-scale production of transparent versions of their neodymium q2.0 bass pickups. Each unit will be one of a kind and made to order. As such, the pickups can be fine-tuned in terms of output, dynamic response and frequency range, the company says…

Crazy Tube Circuits Unveils the Golden Ratio Phi Compressor

10. Crazy Tube Circuits Golden Ratio Phi Compressor

Crazy Tube Circuits has unleashed the Golden Ratio Phi, a stompbox that features two compressors in one. The pedal can switch between an optical compressor and a FET compressor, each of which have their own distinct style…

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