Electro-Harmonix Unveils Bass Clone Chorus Pedal

Electro-Harmonix Bass Clone Chorus PedalElectro-Harmonix has made a bass version of their Small Clone chorus pedal called the Bass Clone. While the core circuitry is nearly identical to the original, the new pedal has been tweaked to add special features for bassists.

Most notably it allows for more control over the affected parts of the signal. Besides Depth and Rate controls, it has a crossover switch that cuts low end from the modulated signal, which the company says “delivers a more accurately articulated bottom end with excellent note definition.”

The pedal also has Bass and Treble controls. Where there Treble knob affects the entire signal, the Bass knob only affects the dry half.

The Electro-Harmonix Bass Clone features true bypass switching and runs on either a 9-volt battery or power adapter. It’s available now for $90.40.

Electro-Harmonix Bass Clone Chorus Pedal Features:

Depth, Rate, Bass, Treble Controls
Crossover Switch
True bypass switching
Die-cast package
9-Volt battery included, Optional EHX 9.DC/200mA power supply available
Dimensions in inches: 2.75 (w) x 4.5 (l) x 2.1 (h)

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