Gamut Music Announces Red Diamond Gut Double Bass Strings

Gamut Music Red Diamond Bass StringsGamut Music has expanded their line of double bass strings with the Red Diamond series. The gut strings are described as having a strong bottom end and a full tone.

“The G-1 and D-2 strings are made of the finest beef serosa from the green fields of Ireland, twisted in our famous Lyon gut style, then wrapped with nylon to protect the string from adverse environmental conditions,” Gamut writes. “The nylon is polished smooth for slick playing action and long life. The A-3 and E-4 strings have high-twist gut cores for flexibility and long sustain, seasoned carefully and then wound with round copper wire for a rich low register. The wires are left round.”

The Red Diamonds follow Gamut’s Academie line gauges, with .098″ for the G, .131″ for the D, .102″ for the A, and .122″ for the E. They are available now for $280 for the set.

Gamut Music Red Diamond Bass String Details:

Gut Strings
Nylon wrapped G and D strings
Copper wound A and E strings
Sold in Sets only

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