Bass Gear Roundup: The Top Gear Stories in December 2016

The last month of 2016 saw a lot of bass gear news. Here are the top 10 No Treble reader favorites for the month.

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Fender Unveils American Professional Series Basses

1. Fender American Professional Series Basses

Fender has unveiled the American Professional Series, which takes the place of their recently discontinued American Standard line. The new series will, of course, include Precision and Jazz bass models, but each will have new features…

Kiesel Guitars Unveils Vanquish Multiscale Basses

2. Kiesel Guitars Vanquish Multiscale Basses

Kiesel Guitars has introduced two new multi-scale versions of their Vanquish bass. The VM49K and VM59K are four- and five-string basses, respectively, that are the Kiesel custom shop’s first multiscale bass instruments. The design includes fanned frets and offers some technical improvements…

Arkham Sound Announces The Bullet Tube Bass Pre-Amplifier

3. Arkham Sound Bullet Tube Bass Pre-Amplifier

Portland, Maine’s Arkham Sound has introduced the Bullet, a tube bass pre-amplifier housed in a surplus 30 caliber ammo box. The company says the new preamp is designed to survive the rigors to the road “as if Ampeg were given a military contract to arm Motown…”

Ernie Ball Music Man Teases 30th Anniversary StingRay5 Bass

4. Ernie Ball Music Man 30th Anniversary StingRay5 Bass

Ernie Ball Music Man has unveiled their 2017 Spring Collection, including a 30th Anniversary StingRay5 model. The 5-string version of their flagship bass was first introduced in 1986 and the company is celebrating gorgeous limited edition version…

Cog Effects Introduces the Rogue One Bass Octave/Fuzz Pedal

5. Cog Effects Rogue One Bass Octave/Fuzz Pedal

The octave pedal specialists at Cog Effects have unleashed a new octave/fuzz called the Rogue One. The flexible pedal combines two of the company’s Grand Tarkin bass fuzz channels with a third parallel sub-octave channel found in their T-70 for a huge sound…

NS Design Announces WAV5 Radius Bass

6. NS Design WAV5 Radius Bass

NS Design’s WAV Radius electric bass now comes in a five-string version. The WAV5 Radius Bass carries the same features of the WAV4 with the exception of the specs to accommodate the fifth string. Its scale is extended to 35 inches, while the string spacing is reduced to 18 millimeters…

Markbass Introduces Standard 121 HR Bass Cabinet

7. Markbass Standard 121 HR Bass Cabinet

Italian bass amp manufacturer Markbass has unveiled their latest bass cabinet with the Standard 121 HR. Featuring a 1×12? configuration, the rear tuned ported cab has a sound the company calls “warm, focused, and natural…”

Fodera Unveils “Brooklyn” Bass in Masterbuilt Series

8. Fodera “Brooklyn” Masterbuilt Series Bass

Fodera unveiled the third bass in their Masterbuilt line this past week with a special version of their Emperor II 5 Elite. The one-of-a-kind instrument is called “Brooklyn” and pays respect to the New York City borough that the company calls home…

Trickfish Amplification Announces SM110 “Perch” Bass Cabinet

9. Trickfish Amplification SM110 “Perch” Bass Cabinet

Trickfish Amplification has unveiled the SM110 “Perch” cabinet. Originally intended for acoustic bass or guitar, the 1×10? is described as a low profile light-to-medium duty electric bass speaker cab…

Nordstrand Pickups Announces BigRig Bass Pickups

10. Nordstrand Pickups BigRig Bass Pickups

Nordstrand Pickups has introduced the BigRig, a new hum-cancelling bass pickup that grew from a conversation with bassist Alberto Rigoni. “A dual 51 P-style pickup, one pole per string, was the initial concept,” Nordstrand explains, “but offset pole pieces are iconic for Nordstrand…”

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