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Stomp Audio Labs Introduces Octopus Octave Pedal

Stomp Audio Labs Octopus Octave Pedal

The Brazilian effects specialists at Stomp Audio Labs has unveiled the Octopus, an analog octave pedal with up and down octave controls. Apt at bass and guitar, the Octopus is set up for ease with knobs for both up and down octaves plus a mix knob for dialing in your clean signal.

Each direction also has a button to adjust the tone of the effect. Pressing the octave-up button turns on a fuzz mode with lots of extra gain on the drive. The octave-down button activates Synth mode. “The octaved signal becomes a square wave, super compressed and full of harmonics,” the company writes. “This tone comes straight from the ’70s analog synthesizers, which use the same kind of sound-generating technology, ranging from a crazy fuzz to an 8-bit video game from the ’90s. Either way, you can still select the amount of the octave you want in your signal, depending on your taste.”

The Stomp Audio Labs Octopus is available for $179.

Stomp Audio Labs Octopus Octave Pedal Features:

Analog Circuit
Octave Up/Octave Down Knobs
Octave Up Fuzz Button
Octave Down Synth Button
Mix Knob