Bass Gear Roundup: The Top Gear Stories in January 2017

January is always a big month for new bass gear, thanks to the NAMM Show. The No Treble crew attended the show, and our coverage will contiune in the coming weeks as we sort through the notes.

There were some big stories thanks to this year’s show. Here are the top 10 reader favorites for the month of January.

Geddy Lee Teams with Tech 21 for Signature SansAmp GED-2112

1. Tech 21 Geddy Lee Signature SansAmp GED-2112

So far, this is one of the most popular stories we covered from NAMM: Geddy Lee teamed up with Tech 21 to create the Geddy Lee Signature SansAmp GED-2112…

Ibanez Revamps BTB Basses For 2017

2. Ibanez 2017 BTB Basses

Ibanez’s BTB Standard series is getting a facelift for 2017 with several new features across the line. The BTB845, BTB846, BTB745, and BTB746 all have a new refined body arch, a zero fret, and come standard with D’Addario NYXL strings…

Fodera Unveils Monarch-P and Emperor-J Standard Classic Basses

3. Fodera Monarch-P and Emperor-J Standard Classic Basses

Fodera is gearing up for NAMM by introducing two new Standard models with the Fodera Emperor-J Classic and Monarch-P Classic. The retro-styled basses are built in Fodera’s Brooklyn shop alongside their custom instruments but are built in batch with limited options to keep costs and wait time to a minimum…

Trace Elliot Unveils ELF Micro Bass Amp

4. Trace Elliot ELF Micro Bass Amp

Trace Elliot is back in a big way in a tiny package. The ELF bass amplifier weighs in at just 1.6 pounds and produces 200 continuous watts RMS at 4 ohms. Its input section has three regions of operation: uncompressed, variable multiband compression, and overdrive…

Reverend Guitars Unveils Mike Watt Signature Wattplower Bass

5. Reverend Guitars Mike Watt Signature Wattplower Bass

Bass legend Mike Watt has teamed up with Reverend Guitars for a special signature bass called the Wattplower. The short-scale bass also features a smaller body and is reminiscent of vintage basses that Watt gravitated towards…

La Bella Strings Introduces Gold Flats

6. La Bella Strings Gold Flats

La Bella Strings has added to their Deep Talkin’ Bass series with the Gold Flats. Available in four, five, and six-string sets, the flat wound strings use a golden alloy ribbon wire for the exterior wrap that the company says adds a unique tonal mid-range…

Jens Ritter Introduces Two New Bass Models

7. Jens Ritter Princess Isabella and Cora Concept Bass Models

German bass building artist Jens Ritter has revealed two new bass models for 2017, which will debut at the Winter NAMM show in Anaheim, California. The Princess Isabella Bass and Cora Concept are riffs on previous instruments with a fresh take that have been introduced as part of the Royal Family due to their uniqueness…

Fender Unveils Limited Edition American Professional Jazz Bass

8. Fender Limited Edition American Professional Jazz Bass

After introducing the American Professional line in December, Fender has unveiled the Limited Edition Exotic Collection. The series includes the 2017 Limited Edition American Professional Jazz Bass FMT, which combines the features of the Professional model with a figured maple top…

Sadowsky Guitars Announces Verdine White Signature Bass

9. Sadowsky Guitars Verdine White Signature Bass

Sadowsky Guitars has teamed up with Earth, Wind, & Fire bassist Verdine White to create a special signature model that will be part of their new NYC Satin Series. Based on White’s first Sadowsky bass from the ’90s, the instrument is set apart with an undersized J-style body of chambered alder, PJ pickups, and more…

Aguilar Amplification Unveils AG 700 Bass Amplifier

10. Aguilar Amplification AG 700 Bass Amplifier

Aguilar Amplification has announced the expansion of their AG amplifier series with the AG 700. The company describes their latest creation as having the clarity, dynamic range and fast transient response of their AG 500 with a larger low end and headroom. It offers 700 continuous watts at four ohms while weighing just 4.9 pounds…

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