Fuzzrocious Unveils Baxstabber and Blast Furnace Pedals

Fuzzrocious Baxstabber and Blast Furnace Pedals

Fuzzrocious Pedals unveiled two new creations at the 2017 NAMM show with the Baxstabber and Blast Furnace pedals. Both pedals, which are made in New Jersey, will be shipping later this year. We caught up with Fuzzrocious’s Ryan and Shannon Ratajaski at the show to get the scoop.

“The Baxstabber is a tone shaper and an EQ,” Shannon explained. “It’s basically a smaller version of the Feed Me. Some of our customers were feeling a little overwhelmed with the amount of settings, so it only has 144 settings, which is still a lot!” The pedal applies the Baxandall EQ in 144 combinations via two 12-position rotary potentiometers for ultimate tonal control.

The Blast Furnace, on the other hand, is an original gated fuzz matched with a short-timed delay. The pedal is a collaboration with Lehigh Mining & Navigation. “We went to go with plug and play this year,” Ryan said. “The delay portion is momentary, so you can use it with or without the fuzz being on. You can also change the timing of the delay and you can change the tone stack.” An internal trimpot allows for further tonal tweaking.

The Fuzzrocious Pedals Baxstabber and Blast Furnace were unveiled at the NAMM Show and have TBD price points. Check out the company’s booth at NAMM:

Fuzzrocious Pedals Baxstabber Pedal Details:

Baxandall EQ/Tone Shaper
144 Settings
Treble, Bass, Mid Controls with Variable Mid

Fuzzrocious Pedals Blast Furnace Pedal Details:

Fuzz/Delay Pedal
Momentary Footswitch for Delay
Independent Effects
Internal Trimpot for Changing Stock Tone

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