Mooer Audio Introduces Tender Octaver Pro Pedal

Mooer Audio Tender Octaver Pro PedalMooer Audio has beefed up their Tender Octaver pedal with a Pro version. The polyphonic harmony pedal now has two synthesized harmony voices: one upper and one lower. Each has independent volume, tone, and pitch controls, with the pitch control allowing for any harmony to be created between unity and octave.

The Tender Octaver Pro also has a smooth control that the company says makes volume swells easy. Other features include an expression pedal input and four slots for storing presets.

It will be available soon with a street price of $169.

Mooer Audio Tender Octaver Pro Pedal Features:

Separate volume, tone and pitch controls for both sub and upper octaves
Smooth control for automatic volume swells
External connection for expression pedal to control octave pitches
Store and recall up to 4 user presets
Stereo outputs

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