Marcone and Philp Publish Updated Edition of “Managing Your Band”

Managing Your Band - Artist Management: The Ultimate ResponsibilityIf you’ve ever been in a band, you know the hardest part is managing it. If that’s something you’ve been struggling with, Stephen Marcone and David Philp have some advice in the new sixth edition of their book, Managing Your Band – Artist Management: The Ultimate Responsibility.

The 344-page book is aimed at helping DIY musicians and personal managers to get a better grasp on the music business “in all its forms, including managing the artist’s brand for concerts, licensing, festivals, merchandising, and fashion.”

“The 6th edition of Managing Your Band provides an excellent blueprint to follow paths of flexibility and specificity toward a successful career in music,” says EVP of Digital Strategy & Innovation at Atlantic Paul Sinclair. “In this book, you find the framework. Implement it well and you have a better shot of finding success with your musical art.”

Managing Your Band is available now for $24.91.

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