Walrus Audio Introduces ARP-87 Multi-Function Delay Pedal

Walrus Audio ARP-87 Multi-Function Delay PedalPlayers looking for a versatile delay pedal have a new option in the Walrus Audio ARP-87. First teased at Winter NAMM this year, the pedal has been revamped for its release to include even more features.

“From rhythmic chasing digital delay to long ethereal lo-fi modulated trails, players will find the ARP-87 a very useful tool in a small footprint,” the company writes.

The pedal has four algorithms – digital, analog, lo-fi, and slapback – each of which can be modified with the “X” knob. The “X” knob’s function changes depending on the algorithm you’re using. The ARP-87 has a Trails Mode that is toggled on and off to allow delay trails to die off naturally or be cut off. It also has a momentary function to temporarily activate the delay effect.

The Walrus Audio ARP-87 Multi-Function Delay began shipping July 18th with a street price of $199.

Walrus Audio ARP-87 Multi-Function Delay Pedal Specs:

Controls:Level, Dampen, Repeats, Ratio, X, Program
Programs:Digital, Analog, Lo-Fi, and Slapback
Enclosure:Frosted Charcoal Finish With Cream and Seafoam Ink Featuring Original Artwork by Chris Castro
Dimensions:4.77″ x 2.6″ x 1.39″

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