Willcox Guitars Unveils USA Custom Shop Saber Bass

Willcox Guitars USA Saber Bass

Willcox Guitars has expanded their lineup with a USA Custom Shop series. The full-service shop allows players to pick out their own tonewoods, tops, finishes, and hardware. The first custom shop Willcox instrument is the USA Saber Bass, which is available for order now in four, five, and six-string versions.

“Just like the production model Saber Basses, Willcox offers HexFX 13-Pin individual string output as an option,” the company writes. “The Willcox HexFX technology enables full synth access, individual string processing, and modeling, as well as the use of a fanout box, for limitless connectivity. The LightWave Optical Pickups System paired with HexFX technology provides ultra-fast and accurate tracking, glitch free, and with no latency or false triggering.”

Willcox has a configurator on their website for picking out your options: fretted or fretless, number of strings, scale length, and more. There are three standard options for body wood – swamp ash, mahogany, or alder – while upgraded walnut, black limba, and Spanish cedar are also available. Necks can be made from mahogany, maple, or wenge, while fingerboard options include Ebony Macassar, pau ferro, and birdseye maple.

Willcox Guitars USA Saber Bass Natural

The Willcox Guitars USA Custom Saber Bass is available for order now starting at $2,949.

Willcox Guitars USA Custom Saber Bass Specs:

Strings:4, 5, or 6
Scale:34″ or 35″
Body Wood:Swamp Ash, Mahogany, Alder, Walnut, Black Limba, Spanish Cedar
Chambering Options:None, Chambered, Chambered with Slash Soundhole
Top:5A Flame Maple, Zebrawood, Cocobolo, Lacewood, 5A Quilted Maple, Claro Walnut, Flamed Koa
Neck Wood:Mahogany, Maple, Wenge
Fingerboard:Ebony Macassar, Pau Ferro, Birdseye Maple
Ramp Options:None, Ramp, Ramp Matching Fingerboard
Tuning Machines:Gotoh Reso-Lite, Hipshot Ultralight, Hipshot D-Tuner
Pickup:LightWave Optical Pickup System
Output:1/4″ Mono, HexFX Individual String Outputs plus Mono Output

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