Rainger FX Unveils Dwarf Bleep Bass Pedal

Rainger FX Dwarf Bleep Bass Pedal

The UK’s Rainger FX has expanded their Dwarf Bass mini-pedal lineup with the Dwarf Bleep Bass. The pedal takes their Dr. Freakenstein Fuzz circuit and enhances it for bass while also adding an 8-bit sound glitching effect from their Dwarf Bleep pedal.

It comes with the company’s unique Igor expression pad, which Rainger says gives some interesting and flexible effects. “Utilizing the double sided pressure sensitive expression pad ‘Igor,’ the final decay of a note can be degraded into rhythmical bleep meltdown, the speed adjusted by a trimpot through the baseplate, and pitch controlled in real-time by Igor,” they write.

Other features include an LFO button for setting the bleeps, a volume thumbwheel, a clean mix button, and an internal active/passive instrument switch. It’s available now for approximately $165.

Rainger FX Dwarf Bleep Bass Pedal Features:

Built-in noise gate
Igor – a unique pressure-sensitive expression pedal (dual sensitivity - use by foot or by hand)
Volume thumbwheel
Clean mix button (adds approximately 1/3 clean sound)
Internal ‘active/passive’ instrument switch
Rainger FX’s unique styling and mini-pedal enclosure

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