GHS Strings Unveils Balanced Nickels Bass Strings

GHS Strings Balanced Nickels Bass StringsGHS Strings has expanded their line of bass strings with the new Balanced Nickels set, which they describe as a combination of traditional string materials and modern string design.

“Traditionally, bass strings are made by wrapping one cover wire around the core to create the G, two covers for the D and A, and three covers for the E string,” the company explains. “GHS’ Balanced Nickels bass strings change all this: in these new sets, they manufacture the G and the E strings by wrapping two covers around the core, bringing a fresh symmetry to the sets. The result is an equilibrium between tonality, tension, flexibility, and playability.”

The strings come in light and medium gauges for four and five-string basses. They also offer a short scale set in a medium gauge. The GHS Balanced Nickels are available starting at $20 for a four-string set.

GHS Strings Balanced Nickels Bass Strings Features:

Two Cover Wires Per String Design
Four or Five String Sets
Light or Medium Gauges
Short Scale Available

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