Mooer Updates Octave Line With Tender Octaver mkII Pedal

Mooer Tender Octaver mkII PedalMooer has updated their octave pedal lineup again this year with an updated version of their Tender Octaver. The Tender Octaver mkII features three brand new algorithms and a true analog dry through the signal.

Its new Fat algorithm adds a “huge bassy lower octave and a soft-toned upper voicing” while a Tight algorithm focuses more on the lower octave with “a higher, low eq, cut off point and a sharper upper octave bite”. The third mode, called Swell, offers automatic volume swells of the harmony voices. Other controls include Sub, Upper, and Dry knobs for dialing in your tone.

The Mooer Tender Octaver mkII will be available soon with a street price of $99.

Mooer Tender Octaver mkII Pedal Features:

Independent SUB, UPPER and DRY controls
3 brand new algorithms (Fat, Tight, Swell)
All analog dry through signal
Micro Size
Metal housing
True Bypass switching
Power Requirements:AC adapter 9V DC (center minus plug)

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