TC Electronic Unveils 8 New Analog Pedals

TC Electronic's Analog Pedals

TC Electronic has announced eight new analog effect pedals ranging between distortion, modulation, and dynamics. The series is dubbed the Analog Armada.

“With strong steel enclosures and top mounted input/output jacks, these sturdy stompboxes provide analog warmth with and true bypass circuitry so your tone stays totally unaffected when the effects are off,” the company writes.

The drive pedal portion of the lineup includes the El Mocambo Overdrive, the Honey Pot Fuzz, and the Eyemaster Metal Distortion. El Mocambo emulates a pushed tube amp with Drive, Level, and Tone controls, while the Honey Pot offers Sustain, Volume, and Tone knobs. The Eyemaster keeps it heavy and simple with Gain and Volume.

The Modulation pedals are the 3rd Dimension Chorus, the Choka Tremolo, and the Nether Octave. Where the Nether and Choka have straight ahead controls, the 3rd Dimension has no knobs and instead has four preset buttons with sixteen overall presets that TC says range from “just a bit to quite substantial.” Finally, the Dynamics range includes two dual knob units: the Crescendo Auto Swell and the Iron Curtain Noise Gate.

TC Electronic’s new analog pedals will be shipping in December with street prices ranging from $49.99 to $59.99

TC Electronic Analog Pedal Features:

All-analog circuitry
True bypass
Top-mounted I/O
Compact but roadworthy design
Runs on 9V battery or optional PSU
Power consumption: 9V DC and 10mA

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