Death By Audio Introduces Absolute Destruction Pedal

Death By Audio Absolute Destruction PedalIf you’re looking to blow up your bass sound, Death By Audio has you covered with their new Absolute Destruction pedal. Utilizing a power amplifier IC, the unit offers a distortion as well as what its name implies.

“Showing little to no respect for what instruments normally sound like, or even what many people want them to sound like, we pushed this thing until it sounded totally disgusting,” the company writes. “Want a thick, gnarly fuzz sound? Sure, you can do that, and it’ll sound really, really good. But you can also push the OVERLOAD slider into blooming, octave nastiness. Push it further and starve the circuit so that your signal starts to eat itself. Push it all the way and your sound will completely duck down before violently coming back to life.”

It has a red master volume knob and sliders for Overload and Gain controls. The farther the Overload slider is pushed to the left, the more your signal is destroyed. It interacts with the gain slider to create a variety of sounds like, “a psychotic compressor, or the sound your amp might make when literally on fire, or any number of things that your boring friends wouldn’t call music,” Death By Audio says.

The Death By Audio Absolute Destruction is available now with an MSRP of $180.

Death By Audio Absolute Destruction Pedal Features:

Master Volume, Overload, Gain Controls
Power: 9V battery or DC adapter
Top-mounted jacks and power
True Bypass

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