Death By Audio Introduces the Disturbance Filter, Flanger, and Phaser Pedal

Death By Audio Disturbance Filter, Flanger, and Phaser PedalDeath By Audio has unveiled a new pedal called the Disturbance that combines an “extreme filter, flanger, and fazer” into one unit.

“Beneath DISTURBANCE’s luminous mirrored exterior lie deep filter sweeps, piercing resonance, classic whooshing flangers, watery multi-tap delay matrices, and psychedelic 8-stage phaser freakouts swirling in orbit around a lockable LFO,” the company states.

A key component of the Disturbance is the TRIP switch, which DBA says offers a brand new way to control an effect. It allows you to pause the LFO where it stands to “produce pulsing drones and multiverse-shattering phase shifts at will.”

Check out the company’s demo with bass tones around the 4:26 mark:

The Death By Audio Disturbance is available now for $250.

Death By Audio Disturbance Pedal Features:


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