Warwick Introduces Red Series Strings for 8-String Basses

Warwick Red Strings 8-String SetAfter releasing the RockBass Corvette Basic 8-String bass earlier this year, Warwick is now offering a set of strings for 8-string basses in their Red series. The Warwick Red 8-String set includes four strings plus four-octave strings suitable for all long scale eight-string basses.

“The strings of the Warwick Red 8-String set are Roundwound, medium gauge (.017″, .040″, .025″, .060″, .035″, .080″, .080″, .045″, .100″), and made in Korea from stainless steel with hexagonal core,” Warwick writes.

Warwick’s Red Strings for 8-String Basses are available now with a TBD price point.

Warwick Red Strings 8-String Set Features:

Medium Gauge (.017″, .040″, .025″, .060″, .035″, .080″, .080″, .045″, .100″)
Stainless Steel
Hexagonal Core
Made in Korea

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