Ibanez Announces Upswing Electric Upright Bass

Ibanez will be introducing their very first electric upright bass at the 2018 Winter NAMM Show. Dubbed the UB804 or “Upswing”, the bass was designed to mimic the tone of an acoustic upright bass.

Ibanez UB804 Upswing Electric Upright Bass

“The special AeroSilk Piezo pickup, along with the Walnut, Maple, and Jatoboa woods, combine to create a tone that is incredibly warm and true to the voicing of an acoustic upright bass,” Ibanez writes.

The Upswing comes with a TAMA Roadpro stand and gig bag. Other features include white dot inlays, black matte hardware, and an active tone control. It will carry a list price of $1239.99.

Ibanez UB804 Upswing Electric Upright Bass Specs:

Neck:5-piece Maple/Walnut
Inlays:White Dot
Pickup:Aerosilk Piezo System
Bridge:Custom Aerosilk MR5
Other:Gig Bag, TAMA Roadpro Stand

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  1. Chris

    I purchased my UB804 this week. The instrument is at once familiar and also different. a sort of hybrid bass guitar/upright. The neck is a wonder to behold, and i like the markers on it. The bridge(s) are individual, and seem to be in exactly the right place. The ability to adjust height and intonation instantly is good, especially as the adjusters seem rock steady. The sound is not electric bass, and seems to carry that hybrid factor across. The production of sound has removed that hard block of sound that electric basses seem to have lots of, with a a nicer, bouncy, ‘plump’ sound.