Crazy Tube Circuits Unveils the Locomotive Tube Bass Overdrive Pedal

Crazy Tube Circuits Locomotive Tube Bass Overdrive PedalCrazy Tube Circuits is expanding their bass effects line with the Locomotive. Debuting at the Winter NAMM Show, the pedal will offer real tube overdrive to players.

“[The Locomotive features] a 12AY7 tube for warm organic tube grind with excellent touch sensitivity and dynamic response,” Crazy Tube writes. “We provided a wide range of gain that can produce from a massive clean boost to a mean overdriven tone and we have added a clean control to blend in your clean signal and preserve all bass frequencies.”

The Crazy Tube Circuits Locomotive will be shown at the Winter NAMM Show and is expected to ship in May 2018 with an approximate price of $328.

Crazy Tube Circuits Locomotive Tube Bass Overdrive Pedal Features:

Clean Boost
“Mean” Overdrive
12AY7 Tube
Tone, Gain Controls
Made in Athens, Greece

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