Nordstrand Audio Unveils the NordyMute

Nordstrand Audio NordyMute on BassNordstrand Audio has expanded their bass offerings with the NordyMute, a bass mute featuring a foam body and wood cover. Available in four or five string versions, the device imparts a darker tone for an old school vibe.

“The essence of the NordyMute’s effect is akin to upright-like inhibition of resonance, a kind of execution of sustain—its body subject to an almost unnaturally fast decay,” the company writes. “But what’s especially significant about the NordyMute is the uniquely versatile quality it lends to the player’s particular style. The NordyMute is designed for easy adjustment, giving the player modulating intonation and articulation instead of being stuck with one mode of mutability—of MUTE-ation. This modulating quality comes from the mute’s foam body pinching the strings, whereas most mutes push against them. To put it simply, pinch over push is what leaves the NordyMute’s intonation without compromise.”

The NordyMute comes with either a walnut or maple wood cover, though custom wood choices are available for an upcharge. It supports 19mm string spacing, but again custom mutes can be made for different sizing or fanned fret basses. It’s handmade in Redlands, California and will be available for $40.

Nordstrand Audio NordyMute

Nordstrand Audio NordyMute Features:

Bass mute with a foam body and wood cover
Wood cover available in walnut, and maple
Custom wood choice available with an up-charge
4-string and 5-string
19mm string spacing
Custom spacing available with an up-charge
Fan fret spacing available with an up-charge
Handmade in Redlands, California

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