Deep Space Devices Introduces The Red Ghost Distortion

Deep Space Devices Red Ghost Distortion PedalDeep Space Devices has launched their first product with the Red Ghost Distortion, a pedal aimed at heavier types of music. The unit offers simple controls with a single knob and two switches.

“Designed to appeal to stoner rock and shoegaze enthusiasts, the Red Ghost offers menacing options to your tone,” Deep Space Devices writes. “With the single knob, “Horde”, you have the control to rattle the earth to its core. As for the dual-toggle switches, “Shake” and “Mass”, the power of tone & bass trembles is in your hands.”

The Red Ghost operates with a 9-volt operation and a standard DC input. It also features a die-cast titanium case and true bypass switching. It’s available now for $95.

Deep Space Devices Red Ghost Distortion Pedal Features:

Single knob controlling the overall volume and gain
Dual-toggle switches give options of a diode switcher – “Shake” – and treble focused or bass boost – “Mass”.
Die-cast titanium cases
True bypass on/off switch
9-volt operation and standard DC input

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