Billy Sheehan with Rush: 1990 Soundcheck

Billy Sheehan shared this clip earlier this morning, which caused me to shuffle some things around so we could share it immediately.

“Years ago, Mr Big was on tour [with] Rush on their Presto tour, Geddy was late for soundcheck — stuck in traffic from LA to San Diego,” he shared. “They asked me to get up and jam [with] Neil & Alex for sound check, and recorded it. I played through Geddy’s rig on his bass and it was a blast! Great times.”

This is one epic moment. So glad they recorded it!

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  1. Al

    I really, really enjoyed that.

  2. They are on ?(especially Alex!)

  3. Robert

    That chap from 00:35 in looks like Peter Beckett.

  4. John Crosley

    This is the magic that happens when it’s just respect between great players.
    I love how around the 7:00 mark, things start getting lost, Billy sends a loud off beat scream, to be followed by Neil answering sort of a I hear you, follow me. Just magic

  5. Francis Castiglione

    Great jam. Is there an underlying framework from a song with which I am unfamiliar?