Bass Gear Roundup: The Top Gear Stories in May 2018

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Here is the reader favorite top 10 bass gear list for the month of May 2018.

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ENKI Unveils AMG-2 Electric Bass Guitar Case

1. ENKI AMG-2 Electric Bass Guitar Case

ENKI has gotten into the bass protection business with the AMG-2 Electric Bass Guitar Case. Built to hold two basses, the case can handle extended and multi-scale instruments…

TC Electronic Announces the Aeon

2. TC Electronic Aeon

TC Electronic has expanded their line of musical gadgets with the Aeon, a handheld infinite sustainer that allows for holding out notes. The device is housed in a brushed aluminum enclosure and features special transducers for fast string excitement at the touch of a button…

Accugroove Introduces the Inception Tube Bass Preamp

3. Accugroove Inception Tube Bass Preamp

Accugroove has announced the Inception, a tube bass preamp that offers a wide range of tones. “Traditional bass preamps use a single dual-triode tube – and even then the signal might only pass through a single triode in most modes of the preamp,” they write…

Fret Zealot for Bass Guitar Available for Preorder

4. Fret Zealot for Bass Guitar

If you or someone you know is learning the bass, then you’ll want to check out the Fret Zealot for bass. The Fret Zealot is a paper-thin LED strip that installs onto a four-string bass and lights up your frets to teach you single notes all the way up to full songs…

Eastwood Guitars Announces the Airline Jetsons Jr. Bass

5. Eastwood Guitars Airline Jetsons Jr. Bass

Eastwood Custom Shop is reviving their former Airline 2P bass with a new model: the Airline Jetsons Jr. Bass. The retro design retains many of the same features with a few differences…

Orange Amplification Unveils the OMEC Teleport Audio Interface

6. Orange Amplification OMEC Teleport Audio Interface

Orange Amplification is bringing their history into the modern age with the OMEC Teleport. Named for their ’70s brand, the Teleport is an audio interface built into a standard effects pedal housing…

Darkglass Electronics Upgrades Vintage Series Pedals for 2018

7. Darkglass Electronics Upgraded Vintage Series Pedals for 2018

Darkglass Electronics has been introducing lots of new gear, but now they’re revamping some of their existing units. The company’s Vintage Series pedals have gotten an upgrade for 2018 including the Vintage Ultra v2 and the Vintage Deluxe v3…

Alexander Pedals Introduces The Defender

8. Alexander Pedals The Defender

Alexander Pedals has expanded their Neo Series with the Defender, a pedal that packs multiple digital drives into a single pedal. The effects are controlled with a full panel of secondary effects…

Mesa/Boogie Announces Switch-Track and Head-Track Pedals

9. Mesa/Boogie Switch-Track and Head-Track Pedals

Mesa/Boogie has expanded their product lineup with two new signal management devices: the Switch-Track and the Head-Track. Aimed at controlling dual amps, the Switch-Track allows for an “either-or-both ABY scenario,” which the company says lets users switch between two different amps, two identical amps with different settings, or combining amps for a fuller sound…

Boldogh Guitars Builds EBS 30th Anniversary Bass

10. Boldogh Guitars’ EBS 30th Anniversary Bass

EBS is celebrating their 30th anniversary this year with a special bass built by Hungarian luthier Csaba Boldogh. The instrument is fitted with an EBS logo on the headstock as well as a custom EBS 30th Anniversary inlay at the twelfth fret…

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