Top 10: The Most Watched Bass Videos (May 2018)

Once again, it is time to enjoy a roundup of some great bass-focused videos.

Here are the top 10 reader favorite videos we shared in May.

Thanks for watching, commenting, and sharing.

Billy Sheehan with Rush: 1990 Soundcheck

1. Billy Sheehan with Rush: 1990 Soundcheck

While not *technically* a video, this month’s most popular clip came to us from Billy Sheehan. Back in 1990, Geddy Lee was stuck in traffic on his way to soundcheck during a stop on Rush’s “Presto” tour. So they asked Billy to sit in using Geddy’s gear. Take a listen…

Blues Beatles: Can’t Buy Me Love

2. Blues Beatles: Can’t Buy Me Love

The Blues Beatles are back with another video, once again doing their own thing with a classic Beatles song. In this clip, they take on the Beatles’ 1964 hit, “Can’t Buy Me Love.” As always, Bruno Falcão lays down the low end…

Khruangbin: Maria También

3. Khruangbin: Maria También

After first discovering Khruangbin a few weeks ago, I’ve been checking out more of their videos. In this clip, bassist Laura Lee and the band perform “Maria También” live at The Current. I’m really digging this band’s sound…

The North 41: Enter Sandman (Funked Up)

4. The North 41: Enter Sandman (Funked Up)

Last week, The North 41 released this video, saying “We just FUNKED up ‘Enter Sandman’… What would Metallica think?” The Chicago-based band is anchored by Donnie “Heavy” Brown…

Joe Bonamassa: Spanish Boots

5. Joe Bonamassa: Spanish Boots

Blues master Joe Bonamassa is releasing a new live album and DVD called British Blues Explosion Live last month, which pays tribute to the likes of Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page. In preparation, he released this killer take of “Spanish Boots” with Michael Rhodes absolutely tearing up the low end…

MonoNeon: Clap Your Hands

6. MonoNeon: Clap Your Hands

MonoNeon never ceases to impress us here at No Treble HQ. In this clip, the bassist adds his funky skills to the instrumental version of J Dilla’s “Clap Your Hands”…

Stuart Clayton: Up-Tempo Slap Groove Bass Lick Exercise

7. Stuart Clayton: Up-Tempo Slap Groove Bass Lick Exercise

Stuart Clayton’s year-long “Bass Lick of the Week” series just hit episode #36. This time around, Stuart is focusing on an up-tempo slap groove exercise. As always, Stuart is offering up the backing track and a PDF worksheet containing the notation/TAB and instructions on how to play the line…

Brother Strut: Shake Your Money

8. Brother Strut: Shake Your Money

Brother Strut is a British Funk/Soul band I recently discovered on Facebook. The band released their album, Shake Your Money last month, and they released the video for the title track recently. Jamiroquai’s Paul Turner lays down one funky groove on this one…

Hopla Loon: Jurjuna Minor

9. Hopla Loon: Jurjuna Minor

Every time I get an email from Pangiotis Andreou, I know I’m about to hear some amazing music. He’s a master of so many styles and has the kind of control that lets him speak through his bass. Andreou shared a video his latest project, Hopla Loon, which features cool instrumentation…

Vulfpeck: Grandma

10. Vulfpeck: Grandma

Vulfpeck has just released their video for the tune, “Grandma,” which appears on their album, Mr Finish Line. The song offers up some silky smooth old school goodness, thanks in part to Joe Dart.

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