Maurizio ?ber Basses Introduces the Fretless-Only M?B-F Model

Maurizio U?ber Basses Mu?B-F Bass

Maurizio ?ber Basses, aka M?B, has unveiled a new model called the M?B-F, a fretless-only bass they say was designed from the ground up to be “a true fretless bass as opposed to a bass without frets.”

“A fretless bass is a different instrument. It is played differently, with more attention to nuances and subtleties, with fewer boundaries and a more creative mindset,” the company writes. “Which is exactly what the MüB-F wants to be, uncompromisingly designed to be only fretless.”

The bass’s ebony fingerboard blends into the top with a Bartolini dual coil pickup hidden into the bridge position. Its MüB-T preamp has an on/off switch with a three-way switch for customizable tone presets. The pickup can also be switched into single coil mode. Although many of the features are customizable, this particular MüB-F was built as a six-string with a lightly chambered African mahogany body and a seven-piece maple and wenge neck with carbon fiber reinforcement rods. MüB used various padauk, ebony, and wenge inserts at the bridge and headstock. The truss rod is accessed from the back and is marked with a Swarowsky crystal.

“As for every MüB, the F is available as Hybrid-Headless (pictured), true headless (hardware by MüB and ETS) or with traditional tuners at headstock and bridge (by Hipshot) Any scale length and the number of strings is available,” the company adds.

The MüB-F is available for order with a price point starting at $2,500 for a four-string.

Maurizio ?ber Basses M?B-F Specs (as shown):

Construction:Set Neck
Body:Chambered African Mahogany
Neck:Seven Piece Maple/Wenge Neck With 2 Carbon Fibre Reinforcement Rods
Headstock Plate:Ebony (Front and Back)
Pickups:Bartolini Dual Coil
Electronics:MüB-T Preamp
Controls:On/Off Switch; Tone Switch With 3 Customizable Tone Presets; Dual Coil/Single Coil Switch
Finish:Hand Rubbed, Open Pore, Oil/Urethane Finish With Müb-Watercolor Wood Stain
Other:Truss Rod Access from the Back (Marked by a Swarowsky Crystal), Cavity Routed for Second Pup in Neck Position, Magnetic Cavity Cover and Tools Inside the Cavity

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