Unearthed John Coltrane Album Features Jimmy Garrison

John Coltrane: Both Directions At Once: The Lost AlbumIn one of the most exciting discoveries in jazz, a new John Coltrane album has been unearthed and released as Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album. The recording comes from reference tapes kept by the saxophonist’s first wife that were cut in March of 1963. It features seven songs including two never-before-heard originals.

Coltrane’s band on Both Directions is his famous quartet including pianist McCoy Tyner, drummer Elvin Jones, and bassist Jimmy Garrison. Garrison’s son Matthew, who is a world class bassist himself, posted on Facebook about his excitement for the release.

“Always immensely proud of my father’s work with [John Coltrane, McCoy Tyner, and Elvin Jones],” he wrote. “What an amazing legacy they left us next generations of creative people. Never undervalue nor forget their contributions! Glad new music is there to keep us aware.”

Coltrane’s son Ravi produced Both Directions and included the seven songs plus seven alternate takes from the session. The album’s opening track is referred to by its session log number: “Untitled Original 11383”. It shows the band running at full power and is complete with an arco solo by Garrison.

Both Directions At Once: The Lost Album is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Both Directions At Once: The Lost Album Track List:

  1. Untitled Original 11383 (Take 1)
  2. Nature Boy
  3. Untitled Original 11386 (Take 1)
  4. Vilia (Take 3)
  5. Impressions (Take 3)
  6. Slow Blues
  7. One Up, One Down (Take 1)
  8. Vilia (Take 5)
  9. Impressions (Take 1)
  10. Impressions (Take 2)
  11. Impressions (Take 4)
  12. Untitled Original 11386 (Take 2)
  13. Untitled Original 11386 (Take 5)
  14. One Up, One Down (Take 6)

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