Hal Leonard Publishes Music Theory for Bass Players

If you’re looking for a new book to bone up on your music theory, Hal Leonard has published a new book on the subject dedicated to bassists. Music Theory for Bass Players is a 160-page book aimed at helping you get the most out of your playing.

Written by Steve Gorenberg, it has chapters starting with the musical alphabet and learning the fretboard to learning scales and modes as well as applying them to stylistic bass lines.

“In addition to a vast amount of information for players, hundreds of examples for studying and practicing are included throughout for players to jam to,” the publisher states. “The book also features over 200 demonstration and play-along audio tracks, and three bass fretboard theory video lessons.”

Each book has a unique code for access to audio and video content through Hal Leonard’s MyLibrary website, which includes an audio player that can slow down, loop, and change the key of the music.

Music Theory for Bass Players is available now through Amazon for $24.99.

Music Theory for Bass Players Chapters:

  1. The Musical Alphabet
  2. Learning the Fretboard
  3. The Major Scale
  4. The Minor Scale
  5. Key Signatures
  6. Arpeggios
  7. Intervals
  8. Pentatonic and Blues Scales
  9. Harmonizing the Scales
  10. Chord Progressions
  11. Inversions
  12. Non-Chord Tones
  13. The Modes
  14. Advanced Scales
  15. Stylistic Bass Lines
  16. Play-Along Tracks

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