RPS Effects Announces the Bit Reactor Pedal

RPS Effects Bit Reactor PedalRPS Effects has introduced the Bit Reactor, a bit crusher and downsampler pedal that digitizes your signal and crunches it up. “In the realm of modern electronics there’s plenty enough processing power to create a crystal-clear digital copy of pretty much any analog signal,” RPS writes. “The Bit Reactor, on the other hand, explores what can happen when we take all that processing power and throw it out the window. Think of an old Atari or NES in all its 8-bit glory and you’ll start to get the idea.”

The pedal’s central control is the Crush knob, which has eight LEDs surrounding it. Each represents a bit, so as you turn the knob counter-clockwise you’ll reduce the bits from eight all the way down to one, which creates more distortion. The Sample control, which can be adjusted on the fly with the expression pedal input, sets the sampling rate for more lo-fi effect.

The Bit Reactor is powered by a 9-volt power supply and features true bypass switching. It’s available for order now at $180.

RPS Effects Bit Reactor Pedal Specs:

Bit depth:1 – 8 bit
Sampling frequency:800 Hz – 20 kHz
Input impedance:1M?
Output impedance:1k?
Power supply:9VDC, 2.1mm tip negative, 60mA
Switch:True bypass
Dimensions:119x94x34mm (4.7x3.7x1.34″)

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