Polyphia: Crush

Our friend Iain Hodges sent us this video, along with this note:

“I noticed that you haven’t yet featured anything from the band ‘Polyphia’ yet. They have been evolving from the Progressive Metal/Djent scene as an instrumental band, moving through genres and developing their own distinct niche. I’m only a fan and have no connection with the band. I thought you might want to check their bassist Clay Gober. His technique of playing with a pick, but utilizing the other fingers of his right hand for slap style popping is pretty damn awesome. ‘Crush’ is a prime example, but if you check out any of their material, he has got this technique down to the point that whatever bass he plays (he’s got videos on Kiesel, Ibanez, Musicman, crap I don’t know how many basses he has) and he always has the same tone… Enjoy! Thanks for all the bass.”

Thanks for sending this our way, Iain. We’re digging this sound.

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