Danny Ziemann Publishes “Topics in Jazz Bass Vol 1: Harmony”

Topics in Jazz Bass Vol 1: HarmonyBassist and jazz educator Danny Ziemann has released a new instructional book called Topics in Jazz Bass Vol 1: Harmony. The 200-page book includes nearly 100 audio examples of its lessons in creating richer bass lines.

“Bassists are on a mission to create hip bass lines, but don’t always have the right tools to do it,” Ziemann writes. “Topics in Jazz Bass: Harmony offers a fresh take on the fundamentals of harmony, boosting the content of your walking bass lines.”

Each chapter works as an independent approach to applying harmonic ideas to your walking bass lines. The topics include exploring the relationship between tonic and dominant in static harmony, adapting I-V-I to the harmony of two bars length, triadic ii-V-I shapes, and reduction harmony. After an introduction to the idea, the chapters have exercises, samples, and full walking bass line samples.

Topics in Jazz Bass Vol 1: Harmony is available now in paperback or as a PDF through Ziemann’s website.

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