3Leaf Audio Unveils the Chromatron Pedal

3Leaf Audio Chromatron Pedal

3Leaf Audio has expanded their pedal lineup with the Chromatron, a state variable filter that is the result of “10 years tweaking, refining, and reimagining.”

“It is an optically-controlled analog filter that can switch between envelope control and manual control via expression pedal with the push of a button,” the company explains. “The envelope detector is an original design, producing a musical filter response that spans a broad range of tones from vintage quack to future-synth psychedelica.”

The filter can be tweaked with Response, Attack, Decay, Tone, Resonance, Range, Sweep, and Band controls. A mix knob lets you blend in your clean signal, while a boost is added post filter. The effects loop allows for inserting a number of effects between the Chromatron’s envelope detector and filter sections.

“This is useful because – for instance – you could put a volume-boosting distortion or dynamics-squashing fuzz into the FX loop, and your clean signal at the input jack will trigger the envelope detector while the filter is still last in the signal chain,” 3Leaf writes. They also add that putting an octave or fuzz in front of the Chromatron is especially suited for bass.

Although the demo is on guitar, this video gives you a quick idea of the pedal’s tones:

The 3Leaf Audio Chromatron is available for pre-order with a direct price of $349. It will be shipping November 11th.

3Leaf Audio Chromatron Pedal Features:

Optically-Controlled Analog Filter
Modes: Envelope Control or Manual Control via Expression Pedal
Controls: Response, Attack, Decay, Tone, Mix, Resonance, Boost, Range, Sweep, Band
Post Filter boost
Effects Loop
Power: 9V DC, 30mA minimum
Bypass: Transparent Active Bypass with Proprietary Electronic Switching
Dimensions: 122mm x 101mm

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