Rush and Mr. Big: In The Mood

On Thanksgiving, we reshared this epic clip of Billy Sheehan filling in for Geddy Lee during a soundcheck. Billy shared it on Facebook, and someone shared this video in response.

Mr. Big toured with Rush during the Presto tour in 1990. Luckily someone shot this video of the two bands coming together on stage for this performance of “In The Mood.” According to the video description, this took place at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California, on June 27, 1990.

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  1. Joe

    How is this ‘epic’? Nobody gives a damn about ‘M. Big’; if I was at the show and Mr.Big started playing during Rush’s set I’d be seriously pissed off.

    • Madmel

      I don’t know you… but ut’s clear you’re a musically retarded (in the dictionary sense of the word) idiot.

    • Barry M. Deep

      Your just pissed off because your mother destroyed all of your boy band CD’s

    • Ruben DLR

      Seriously? Billy Sheehan is highly regarded as a bassist, and Paul Gilbert is a highly regarded guitarist. Yeah they had some poppy, hair metal stuff, but their musicianship is not in question. Settle down, man, you’re going to blow a gasket.

  2. Josh

    Looks like a great show..