Vulfpeck with Chris Thile: Dean Town

Vulfpeck was a guest on Chris Thile’s live radio variety show “Live from Here” recently. Among the tunes they played was “Dean Town,” which is one of our favorite showcases of the great Joe Dart.

(There was also a lot of head bobbing.)

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  1. Trey Smith

    Amazing as always. Joe Dart exudes utter joy when playing. I wish I could do that. I feel it, but he really just irrepressibly oozes it.

  2. Ryan Camera

    A Joe Dart bobble head doll would be a great stocking stuffer…

  3. Sean Sandusky

    two things:
    1) is that a stock EBMM? because the pickup looks awfully close to the bridge, even for a MM.
    and 2) I think this is definitive proof that the mandolin is the LEAST funky instrument in the universe.