Best of 2014: The Top 10 Reader Spotlights

When I started No Treble, one of my primary goals was to feature our readers – as much as possible. Over the years, that’s meant sharing reader submitted videos, their beautiful old school basses, and on every Tuesday, the reader spotlight.

Here are the top 10 most read spotlight features over the course of 2014. Thanks to all who have submitted their stories. For the rest of you, I hope you’ll submit your story for 2015!

Reader Spotlight: Eliot Roby

1. Reader Spotlight: Eliot Roby

Eliot Roby is a young bassist hailing from Canada, but he seems wise beyond his years. When asked why he chose to play bass, his answer was priceless. In short, he said he wanted something that gave him “a sense of individuality”, and he didn’t want to be like “those guys” (guitarists)…

Reader Spotlight: Polar Sky

2. Reader Spotlight: Polar Sky

Polar Sky is a member of our illustrious bass club and also a member of the cool names club. Not only is her name unique, so is her playing style – as you’ll see in her spotlight feature…

Reader Spotlight: Jason Raso

3. Reader Spotlight: Jason Raso

Jason Raso is a bassist and instructor from Ontario who says he has “zero control over [his] face muscles when [he] plays.” In other words, he’s a bass player…

Reader Spotlight: Chris Kollias

4. Reader Spotlight: Chris Kollias

Chris Kollias is a versatile, busy and humble bassist from Greece who has a great story to share….

Reader Spotlight: Ron Jaworski

5. Reader Spotlight: Ron Jaworski

When I first saw this submission for Reader Spotlight, I did a double take… Ron Jaworski? Turns out the ex-Eagle QB is not a bassist (at least that we’re aware of). This Ron Jaworski is, and we loved his story…

Reader Spotlight: Simon Svensson

6. Reader Spotlight: Simon Svensson

Simon Svensson is a musician fully engaged in making his own unique music – and big sound – as a solo bassist. That’s not to say he isn’t following the more traditional role of bassist, but he is striving to create something new with his playing…

Reader Spotlight: Mike Frost

7. Reader Spotlight: Mike Frost

When we featured a video by bassist Mike Frost back in July, it really knocked everyone out. Now we get a look at the story behind this exciting musician. I’m betting as you read this, you’ll be just as impressed as we were…

Reader Spotlight: Jason Rungapadiachy

8. Reader Spotlight: Jason Rungapadiachy

Jason Rungapadiachy is a musician who has been playing bass for more than two decades, starting with one of the best “why I started” stories we’ve heard. As you read Jason’s story, you’ll see he’s an accomplished player with a great attitude. And I bet you’ll laugh pretty hard too. He’s a pretty hilarious guy…

Reader Spotlight: Daniel Boland

9. Reader Spotlight: Daniel Boland

Daniel Boland learned to play eight different instruments before realizing bass was his calling. His story is a touching one – and one we found easy to select as a featured spotlight story…

Reader Spotlight: Wayne Whittaker

10. Reader Spotlight: Wayne Whittaker

Wayne Whittaker is a bassist who has studied with some impressive teachers and keeps busy as a session musician. We found ourselves smiling at many of the things he said, and many readers will appreciate his approach to the bass…

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