Ted Gould III Publishes “The Blue-Collar Bassist”

The Blue-Collar BassistBassist and No Treble contributor Ted Gould III (aka Blyss) has just published a new book called The Blue-Collar Bassist: How To Get Gigs & Be The Player That Everyone Wants To Hire. The 113-page book is full of real-world information on becoming a professional.

“This book goes far beyond theory and the mechanics of playing the instrument and into the often unspoken skills needed to make money as a bass player,” Gould explains.

It’s broken down into several large chapters that cover perspective and mindset, networking, practical skills, genres, what other musicians want, gigs, pro hacks, and gear. Each section has detailed advice including song lists you need to know, a breakdown of building relationships, gig bag essentials, and more.

The Blue-Collar Bassist is available now for download from the iTunes Store for $9.99.

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  1. Tim

    Sounds like a great topic to write about! Unfortunately, this book is not available at the German iTunes Store. Any reason for that?