YYNOT: The Body Electric

I’ve been a fan of YYNOT for some time. I really dig their original work, as well as their covers of old school Rush songs.

I was surprised to see them covering ’80s era Rush in this video, but as always, they nailed it.

Check out Tim Starace and the band performing “The Body Electric” from Grace Under Pressure.

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  1. Mark Egan

    Whilst I appreciate the sheer musicianship of Rush, I can’t listen to a lot of it. Geddy’s voice just disagrees with my ear for some reason, and I can’t relate to their lyrical content, pitch and cadences..it’s just me. Heresey, I know (sorry bass community). I do, however, like YYNOT’s original stuff a lot and have become quite the fan.

  2. Tom

    Mark, my wife is like that too with the Geddy pipes… to each their own.

    The band and Tim are for real! If you haven’t done so yet, check out their originals! Could be a very bright future here

    • Mark Egan

      Yeah mate, I’ve got the first album and just purchased the new prerelease single. I think they’ll go far…hopefully as far as Australia , I reckon they’d have a great live show.