Rocco Prestia at Bass Day 98: “Oakland Stroke” and “What is Hip”

Here’s an excellent clip from Bass Day 98 showcasing Rocco Prestia on the tunes “Oakland Stroke” and “What is Hip.”

Is there a tighter rhythm section than Rocco and David Garibaldi?

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  1. The answer is ‘no’. There is no tighter, funkier, soulful rhythm section than Francis Rocco Prestia and David Garibaldi. Ever. The words soul, funk and groove were already in the dictionary when TOP started, but their meanings were elevated after the band came to be.

    It’s great to see the TOP rhythm section honoured here, because it’s the horn section that gets most of the kudos. And they deserve it. I remember reading in Downbeat about 4 decades ago, that if you put the TOP horn players in 5 rooms in 5 different hotels, their breathing would still be synchronised. Can’t wait to see TOP at Royal Albert Hall in London in June on the 50th anniversary tour!