DSM Noisemaker Unveils the Sub Atomic X-over CMOS Bass Drive Pedal

DSM Noisemaker Sub Atomic X-over CMOS Bass Drive Pedal

Chilean boutique pedal company DSM Noisemaker has expanded their line of bass effects with the Sub Atomic X-over CMOS Bass Drive. The unit processes the high and low frequencies differently by utilizing a cascaded CMOS architecture. This allows for “dynamic and aggressive distortion on the mid-highs, and a clean, tight and warm low end,” the company says.

The high side has a drive control and a Drive Voice switch that has three settings: High Boost, Mid Boost, or flat response. Similarly, the low end is affected by a Sub LPF switch with 100Hz, 1kHz, or no cut options. “Just try the Sub LPF at 100Hz, Drive Voice at Treble boost, and get a scooped monster tone, or just the Sub side cutting 1kHz for a Motown vibe warmer than the sun thanks to the tubey vibe from the CMOS inverters,” DSM suggests.

Finally, a blend knob lets you balance between distorted highs and lows while the tone knob offers general shaping. Hear the pedal in this demo by bassist Luis Caro:

The DSM Noisemaker Sub Atomic is available for pre-order and will be shipping in August. It has a special pre-order price of $135 and will have a regular price of $169.

DSM Noisemaker Sub Atomic X-over CMOS Bass Drive Pedal Features:

Compact Design
Bass Overdrive with Crossover
Controls: High Drive, Tone, Master, Blend
Switches: Sub LPF, Drive Voice
Power: 9VDC

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