Tower Of Power: Squib Cakes

During the 2006 Montreux Jazz Festival, Tower of Power took the stage and brought the funk (and were joined by Carlos Santana and Chester Thompson).

Here’s a clip of the band performing “Squib Cakes” during the show. Rocco Prestia killed it!

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  1. David Guettler

    Carlos seems out of his element. Who ends a solo early? Everyone else is spot on!

    • Mark D Chergosky

      I agree with you, David. Santana’s solo sounds a little forced to me.

  2. John Wyatt

    Can we get a bass lesson on this?!

  3. DCO

    T.O.P. Will always be the “Vanguard of Funk”. Sadly, we will not get the opportunity to hear the tightest trio of, ROCCO, CHESTER and GARABALDI lead us into the most amazing funk trip ever any time soon.

  4. Ronald Bernard

    Anybody remember Kenny Picket?