Foxgear Announces the Ballade Chorus Pedal

Foxgear Ballade Chorus PedalFoxgear has expanded their pedal lineup with the Ballade, a chorus pedal that revives the sound of the ’80s.

“One of the most important and distinctive guitar effects of the ’80s must be the chorus; able to transform a clean sound into such a wonderfully lush and ethereal tone that it has become a milestone in music history,” the company writes. “In the 80s though, the analog pedals that produced that iconic sound, provided the musician a constant battle with tone loss and loads of unwanted noise.”

To address these issues, Foxgear made the circuit all-analog and designed it to be quiet with no signal loss. They also adapted it to have a better low-frequency range, making it suitable for bassists. It has three simple controls – Depth, Rate, and Mix – to dial in your sound.

Other features include a compact chassis, top-mounted I/O, and anti-pop relay assisted true-bypass circuitry. The Foxgear Ballade will be available soon with a street price of $99.

Foxgear Ballade Chorus Pedal Features:

Controls: Depth, Rate, Mix
Analog Design
Dimensions: 2.3″ x 4.7″ x 1.1″
Top Mounted Jacks
Relay Assisted True-Bypass Circuitry

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