Zander Zon: “Cello Suite No. 1” and “Canon”

Zander Zon was originally a cellist. When his friends started a band during his teenage years, he decided to pick up the bass, thinking that since “the cello has four strings, and so does the bass guitar,” he could do it. He sure did.

In this new clip, Zander combines what he calls the “2 GREATEST EVER classical pieces” of music: Bach’s “Cello Suite No. 1” and Pachelbel’s “Canon.”

As always, he nails it.

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  1. Mark S Barletta

    sounds great Zander

  2. David Guettler

    I also like playing ‘cello music on my bass, but have found with the different tuning- fifths, instead of the bass fourths, it is a lot easier getting the two octive stretches with a five string. But then, my name isn’t Zander…