Chris Kosky Releases “The Thumb Transition Zone” Double Bass Method Book

The Thumb Transition ZoneBassist Chris Kosky has released a new method book for the double bass that covers a tricky spot of the neck. The Thumb Transition Zone covers the area between lower positions and thumb position.

“For intermediate and advanced bassists, The Thumb Transition Zone tackles the fingering quagmire of the middle area of the Double Bass fingerboard,” Kosky writes. “This method turns awkward into easy by providing exercises and etudes that give the bassist’s left hand the options needed to play effortlessly and more musically around the shoulders of the instrument. Advanced players will find a solution to fingering in this traditionally tricky part of the fingerboard, while intermediate-level bassists, those just getting near and into Thumb Position, can learn an easier way around right from the beginning.”

The Thumb Transition Zone is spiral bound and is 35 pages long. It’s available now from the International Society of Bassists website for $15.

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