SonoTone Introduces Vintage Series Bass Strings

SonoTone Vintage Bass StringsSonoTone has unveiled a new line of strings called the Vintage Series. Each set is created to replicate the strings of yesteryear.

“[The] strings [are] formulated to reproduce the lush harmonic resonance and raw, responsive feel reminiscent of the guitar strings manufactured in the U.S. during the 1950s and ’60s,” SonoTone writes.

The series includes a set for four-string bass that is built with a hand-wound hex core and pure nickel wrap. They have a gauge set of 45-105.

SonoTone strings are made in the U.S. The new Vintage Bass set carries a street price of $69.99.

SonoTone Vintage Bass String Features:

45 65 80 105
Pure Nickel Wrap
Hand Wound Hex Core
American Made

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