Davie504 vs. Charles Berthoud: Bass Battle

Davie504 has shared a number of videos with Charles Berthoud, who Davie calls “The PRO.”

In this clip, the bassists trade off with some impressive bass playing, covering fingerstyle, tap, slap, all techniques – and some funny moments along the way.

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  1. Billy bass

    Wank wank clack clack bip bip sounds like shit

    • cleary

      They’re having fun (the feud component is for entertainment purposes obviously), and they’re encouraging people to play/play more bass.
      This battle was sort of a culmination of a Davie504 challenge to the public to play a difficult bass line which heaps of people responded to:

      Maybe you can look beyond whether the style of playing is your cup of tea, and instead appreciate that there’s people doing good for a community that you’re part of.