Danny Ziemann Announces Low Down Publishing and New Book On Soloing

Danny Ziemann

Jazz bassist and educator Danny Ziemann has launched a new publishing company, awesomely named Low Down Publishing. The venture will offer incredible instructional books, but it is also an avenue for teachers to publish their own work.

“Joined by three fantastic co-founders, we are a music publisher specializing in books for music teachers and independent learners,” Ziemann writes. “We also offer complete publishing services for teachers who wish to create music books.”

One of the first releases from the company will be the follow up to Ziemann’s Topics in Jazz Bass Vol 1: Harmony. Book two will focus on soloing.

“Topics in Jazz Bass Vol 2: Soloing will be a five or six-chapter book, providing exercises and concepts that are central to creating melodic solos,” the author writes. “This includes a primer on guide tones, transcription (including exercises and examples), pattern-learning, etc. Ear training and building aural skills will be a core part of this book. Each chapter stands on its own and is not necessarily meant to be read in order, similar to the previous topics book. Overall, this book provides a realistic sense of what great soloists are able to do and provides a means to start building these skills. Supplemental audio will again be included with this volume.”

Low Down Publishing is currently raising funds via Indiegogo, where you can get a deal by pre-ordering the books.

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