Leon Bosch Releases “21st Century Double Bass”

Leon Bosch: 21st Century Double BassThe works of Bottesini, Dragonetti, and Koussevitsky have dominated the solo repertoire for double bass for over a hundred years, though more and more music has been written. Leon Bosch is pushing the instrument’s rep forward with a new album called 21st Century Bass.

The recording features all-new music written for Bosch and pianist Rebeca Omordia by contemporary composers Robin Walker, Simon Parkin, Philip Wood, Ivor Hodgson, David Ellis, Malcolm Lipkin, and Roxanna Panufnik.

“This is not standard repertoire, but I hope it becomes standard repertoire in the future,” Bosch explains. “It’s my responsibility to produce these recordings and also ensure that more music gets written. Far from this being a purely personal project, it is one which contributes something to the future that there will be new music for generations to come.”

Hear more about the project from everyone who worked on it:

21st Century Double Bass is available now on CD and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

21st Century Double Bass Track List:

  1. ‘Turning Towards You’ for Double Bass and Piano
  2. December 1
  3. December 2
  4. December 3
  5. December 4
  6. December 5
  7. Sonata for Double Bass and Piano
  8. To the Moon And Back
  9. Dawn
  10. Sunset
  11. Friday Afternoon
  12. Parallel Shadows for Double Bass and Piano: Star-Shine & Candlelight
  13. Parallel Shadows for Double Bass and Piano: Cloudfall & Morning Rain
  14. Parallel Shadows for Double Bass and Piano: Tree-Shade & Summer Glow
  15. Parallel Shadows for Double Bass and Piano: Night-Sound & Meadow Dance
  16. Invocation
  17. Shosholoza for Double Bass and Piano

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