Scott Mulvahill: Live at Paste Studio

Bassist and singer/songwriter Scott Mulvahill recently stopped by the Paste Studio in Atlanta, Georgia during a stop on his tour with Cory Wong. His four-song set includes two songs with a full band and two solo bass versions of songs from his album Himalayas.

“Musically and lyrically, it works to explore a different side with these solo songs,” he says of playing alone. “Sometimes the group songs tend to have more of an easy-going vibe, like ‘we’re all here together,’ which fits the instrumentation. Then the solo songs tend to be more introspective. I don’t try to do that only, but it’s how it turns out.”

Song List:

  1. Helping Hand (1:32)
  2. Joy (8:47)
  3. Indefensible (15:43)
  4. Himalayas (24:40)

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  1. This is sooooo good! Great songs, great bass sound and great singing too. Love it!

  2. Michael Waechter

    Great Bass Player and Singer. I have never heard stuff like that. I got new Ideas for my Bass Playing. Thank
    you Scott